Posted 9 months ago
Can you make a set for The Hobbit? It'd be greatly appreciated!! Love your designs BTW
tub-full-of-fun asked

Aw man! I always have time for more Hobbit nails :D Though I do have a few requests lined up that I might do first, The Hobbit is now on my list!

Thank you for the request! 

Posted 9 months ago
could you do a tutorial of some of your nails? lik what you used and stuff? also could you try blink 182 nails or fall out boy
Anonymous asked

I have posted a few tutorials earlier in my blog as well as one with a general run down of what I use for my designs and you can find it here: 
and I may make some more design based tutorials in the future, but I’m a little swamped at work so it may be a while before I make them.  
I have a few Nail requests lined up but I will definitely add those to the list!

Thank you for the ideas!   

Posted 10 months ago
Hey, Can you make like a "midterm" or "school" or even a "law school" set? I would totally appreciate it!!!
beatleschick3 asked

Of course! That sounds like a cute idea! I must warn you though, that I have a few backed up requests and I my job is a tad too hot glue intensive to trust with fancy nails. But I will get back to nail painting soon! Thank you for your request!

Posted 12 months ago

Harry Potter nails! Hogwarts houses. 

Posted 1 year ago
Oh oh oh! I have an idea! What about Percy Jackson nails? Or book nails?!
ziiiriii asked

Well it looks like I have my next nail designs lined up! I’ll get on these right after Harry Potter. :) 

Posted 1 year ago
Hey, love your nerdy nails! Can you do Harry Potter nails?
ziiiriii asked

Thank you! You are so sweet! And my next nail design will indeed be Harry Potter :) Thanks for the suggestion!

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Posted 1 year ago

Kermit The Frog

Posted 1 year ago

Hyrule nails! 

Posted 1 year ago

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck nails. I am so sorry that it took me so long to post these! Thank you for the request kawaiicraziness!